Identity Disc
US & Canadian Military ID Tags

Sorry but this website is no longer operational. If you are looking for Canadian and US military dogtags CLICK HERE.


Our products leave our office usually in 2-3 day. Delivery to Canada usually takes about 10-14 day to recieve your tags after they have left our office. We do carry our Canadian dog tags in stainless steel and aluminum.

Identity Discs

Our Identity Discs are top quality. Royal Canadian Army (RCA) members wear our tags. Canada dog tags have become popular because of Wolverine from X-Men movies. Get your Canadian dog tags customized with your information for the Canadian Army or just for fun..


Dog tags for US military, Royal Canadian Army or just for fun. Dog tags aren't just for military members anymore. Dog tags have many uses such as identification tags, pet tags, luggage tags, fashion, child id tags, medical dog tags and much more. Dog tags are featured in many movies and worn by celebrity's.


canadian identity disc dog tag Canadian Dog Tags / Identity Discs Price $10.99
Official Canadian armed forces identification tags. These identity discs are the actual dog tags worn by Canadian military personnel world wide. Canadian Dog Tags (Identity Discs) worn by the Royal Canadian Army and like the dog tags Wolverine wears in X-Men. Custom make your own set today.
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U.S. Military dog tags U.S. Military Dog Tags Price $7.99
Custom dog tags, military dog tags. Personalized dog tags with your military information or favorite text. Custom make your tags to look like military members tags or just for fashion. Military tags have become popular among celebrity's and teens. Order your dog tag necklaces today!
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